• Ayu Lestarini

    General Finance

  • Mariska Elsa

    Account Executive

  • Amalia Putri

    Finance Director

  • Kinasih Saraswati

    CEO Serkha

  • Ridwan Arief

    PR & Marcomm

  • Vico A. Bagaskara

    General Affairs

  • Prasestyo Dwi

    General Adminstartion

  • Irfan Arsandi

    CEO WIT.

  • Ilham Kurniawan

    Vice Chairmain

  • Arie Anggono

    Strategic Director

  • Rendy Herdiawan

    WIT. Team

  • Rikki Novar

    WIT. Team

  • Robby Septian

    WIT. Team

  • Vaxtra Maendhapaskha

    WIT. Team

  • Yogie Nugroho

    WIT. Team

  • Banu Rusman

    WIT. Team

  • Cahyo Febrianto

    WIT. Team

  • Chris Eko HP.

    WIT. Team

  • Eriwanto Panjaitan

    WIT. Team

  • Fajar Abdal

    WIT. Team

  • Ganjar Rizkiawan

    WIT. Team

  • Rendy Dwi Putra

    WIT. Team

  • Mikhael Surjawan

  • Alby Ariahari

    WIT. Team

The creative company to serve your business into the top.

Adit Yara, GY Empire - Founder

I'm proud to be a part of partner and can create some project with this company

Valerie & Veronika TWNS, Lookats Founder & Model

I’m as proud of many of the things we haven’t done as the things we have done.

Andiva Reza, Courier & Cargo CEO
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